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What People Say

“Camp Kuokoa is an amazing experience filled with fun activities and memories that will last a lifetime.  The leadership are always looking to work with its staff to help build skills that will last throughout their lives all while giving many campers their first chance at independence. They say that you will never work a day in your life if you are having fun and Camp Kuokoa truly embodies that saying”

Coach | 5th grade girls

New York

“Being a part of the Camp Kuokoa team was an amazing experience! Everyone immediately clicked and bonded like family. We would encourage each other to try new things, always helped each other out, and created the best memories. The biggest thing was being there for our campers. Our campers were always so energetic and ready to participate in each activity. Guiding them to try new things and helping form friendships was truly a magical experience to be a part of. The camp itself is absolutely beautiful and has everything you would need to make your summer unforgettable. I am so happy to have been a part of the team and can’t wait to go back and make new memories year after year!”

Coach| 4th grade boys


“As somebody who has been a camper to both numerous day camps and sleep away camps as well as a staff member, I can attest that being a part of the Camp Kuokoa staff has been an experience like no other. As a staff member, you are able to build your leadership skills while also having fun and conquering fears. You find yourself doing things you never thought you can do before and meeting people that you create bonds with that will last a lifetime. You end up creating this whole other family and finding a home away from home. Kuokoa is the one opportunity that allows you to grow, while truly feeling like a child again.”

Coach | 3rd grade girls

New York

“Camp Kuokoa was one the best experiences I had at sleep away camp, both working & as a camper! Between fishing on the lake, late-night pool games in the rec room, lunch conversations & exploring the great outdoors, the memories created during that short week will stay with me forever! Bonding with other members of the team and campers creates an environment different from a normal camp day. Everyone truly feels like family, and I can’t wait to spend another summer there!”

 Coach | 6th & 7th grade boys

South Carolina

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Winter: 205 Harmony Road, Middletown NJ 07748Summer: 328 Wangum Falls Road, Hawley PA 18428